Child Protection and safeguarding

Child Protection
At St Martin's we take all child protection issues seriously; not only to comply with legal requirements but because we care about the safety and well being of each of our children.
The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are trained as Designated Safeguarding Lead staff (DSL). The Headteacher and some governors are trained in Safer Recruitment, to ensure that all due care and diligence is taken into account when appointing new staff. The Chair of Governors is also responsible for reviewing safeguarding practice in school .
All school staff are trained in safeguarding and universal child protection awareness every three years, with annual refreshers. Staff are instructed to report any concerns to the HT or DHT, no matter how insignificant, if there is any level of concern. Staff regularly discuss the needs and well being of pupils, so there is a shared awareness, while respecting issues of confidentiality.
Any parent who has a concern is also encouraged to share their thoughts with the HT or Deputy HT at any time.