Communication with Parents

Perhaps the most important piece of regular information that parents receive from the school is our weekly NEWSLETTER. This is published every Friday, and parents may request to receive either a paper copy or have it delivered by e-mail. The most recent newsletter can also be downloaded from the front page of this website.

PLEASE make every effort to read this as it is our main source of regular school information. 

Teachers will also periodically send out letters about work in the class or any trips or special activities being planned, so parents should watch out for these extra letters or emails.

Personal contact between parents and their child's class teacher is encouraged throughout the year, and we operate an 'open door' policy, where parents come to meet with teachers to discuss any matters of interest or concern. Teachers will always contact parents if we have concerns, and will also share good news and celebrate achievements along the way.

There are a few more formal opportunities to meet:

In the autumn term we have optional parents meetings for those wishing to meet with their child's teacher, primarily to discuss how well they are settling and any early issues.

In the spring term, school sends home a short summary report after which we hope to meet with every parent to discuss progress at this mid-point of the school year.

In the summer term, a formal school report is published and parents again have an optional opportunity to discuss this report with the class teacher.

Overall, we find that informal meetings during the year are often of more benefit in raising concerns and help us to deal with issues early, so please pop in and see us at any point if you need to. We will also contact you if we wish to discuss any matter regarding your child.