School Meals

At St. Martin’s School many children have a hot lunch cooked in our own school kitchen. These high quality meals are very good value for money at just £2.15 per meal. School lunches offer a meat,vegetarian meal or pack lunch and a choice of vegetables and also desserts. Children sit at House tables with other children of mixed ages.

We expect that parents of children in Key Stage One and Early Years (Reception,Year 1 & 2) will take up the option of the Universal Free School Meal,an initiative to ensure that all children get a good, healthy meal in the middle of the day to aid their learning, concentration and overall health.

Children may bring their own packed lunches from home; they are encouraged to have healthy items in their lunch boxes that will help build healthy lifestyles and aid good learning throughout the day.

Payment for meals can be made by online payment or cheque direct to the school office.  If are on a low income and think you may be eligible for Free school meals more information can be found at

School meals work on a 3 week cycle and menus can be found on the HC3S website below:
At morning play, fruit and vegetable snacks are available for children in Reception and Years 1 and 2. Older children may bring their own healthy snack if they wish.

Children are asked to bring a sports type water bottle to keep in school for the week – we encourage them to drink regularly to help keep minds and bodies working efficiently. Bottles can be filled at any classroom tap.