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Worry tummies!

Worry tummies!
Just a quick one for a Thursday evening. I've spoken or heard from yet more parents today, whose children are getting anxious and worried about returning on Monday. I know not all children are - but many are. Please try not to worry. I think all of us are feeling a little of that, but once we are back in, I think the majority of children will very quickly feel much better - it's the unknown of it all, and of course it's another big change - AGAIN. I was chatting to a member of staff today who said we'll all feel much better, by Monday evening! I suspect that's true.
Please try not to worry, and just take the time over the next few days to focus on wellbeing, and then bring them in to us on Monday, and we'll support and nurture them through being back. If we don't return you a smiley child at the end of Monday, you can ask for a refund.... er, or something like that, anyway. And if not by the end of Monday, it just might take some children a few more days, or even longer - and that's ok too.
Do let us know if your child is particularly worried, and you haven't yet got in touch. You can email headteacher@st-martins.hants.sch.uk.
Mrs Rennison