Anti-bullying Worship

11th November 2020
Anti-Bullying Worship
I just wanted to share with you that I had a lovely worship with upper school earlier this week. We were talking about anti-bullying week (which is next week) and discussing what bullying is and how to respond to it. As part of this discussion, the children commented that bullying isn't a problem at St Martin's because of our school values of friendship and respect and how important these are to us. However they also knew it was important that we raised awareness of bullying so that they could support other people, knew what to do if they encountered problems in the future and so that we did not run the risk of bullying happening at St Martin's and not recognising what it is or how to respond to it. I was incredibly proud of their understanding.
I will be covering the same content in worship with lower school next week and as a school we will be showing our support for stamping out all bullying by wearing blue on Wednesday 18th November.
Mrs Bartlett