This Week We Are Celebrating...
Week Beginning: 10.2.2020
Congratulations to everyone - we are all proud of you!
Average Merit Scores
House House Captains Average Merit Points
South  Josh B and Molly T  16.5
West  Willow G and Orlaith E  12.5
East  Deia A and Martha D  11.5
North  Beth A and Conrad B  14.6
School Value Awards
Respect Awards
Congratulations to:
Friendship Awards
Congratulations to:
Creativity Awards
Congratulations to:
Isla D for effective use of conjunctions in a balanced argument.
Beck B for having great ideas.
Theo N for writing an amazing persuasive leaflet reflecting his passion for reducing plastic waste.
Courage Awards
Congratulations to:
Special Learning Awards
Perseverance Award
Congratulations to:
James B for editing his writing and going back over his learning, well done James.
Concentration Award
Congratulations to:
William G for working hard at writing tasks.
Teamwork Award
Congratulations to:
Harry B for sharing classroom resources with others - well done for showing such kindness.
Reflection Award
Congratulations to:
Sophia C for working so hard to do long multiplication carefully and correctly and learning from previous mistakes.
Sound Out Words
Congratulations to:
Jasper H for reading all the words in the Sound Out Book, Well done.
Other Awards
Congratulations to:
Florence H for achieving a bronze award in Gymnastics  for hand held apparatus.