This Week We Are Celebrating...
Week Ending: 7th May 2021
Congratulations to everyone - we are all proud of you!
Average Merit Scores
House House Captains  Merit Points
South  Josh Burgess and Holly Cameron   97
West  Isabelle Dow and Isla Duffy   95
East  Katy Wake and Danik Tame   99
North  Libby Hancock and Sebastian Bridge  112
School Value Awards
Courage Awards
Congratulations to:
Friendship Awards
Congratulations to:
Phoebe S for always helping others and being kind and thoughtful, well done Phoebe.
Creativity Awards
Congratulations to:
James G for writing an excellent travel brochure and carefully working on his personal next steps to make his writing better.  Keep it going.
Respect Awards
Congratulations to:
Faustine B for always showing an abundance of respect to everyone!  She is  always respectful , polite, positive and always has a smile on her face.
Lucy M for being polite, kind and helpful to everyone in our community.
Jake S for helping to look after and clean out the chicks.
Special Learning Awards
Perseverance Award
Congratulations to:
Katya T for always trying her best in her learning and never giving up, well done Katya! Superstar!
Concentration Award
Congratulations to:
Molly T for listening to EVERYTHING she is taught and then applying it all, well done for nailing every single coordinates work this week.
Abigail G for working peacefully, efficiently and diligently, especially in Maths this week.
Teamwork Award
Congratulations to:
Curiosity Award
Congratulations to:
Harry S for showing a real interest in the chicks and their hatching and for helping clean them out and handling them so gently.
Reflection Award
Congratulations to:
Resourcefulness Award
Congratulations to:
Sound Out Words
Congratulations to:
Other Awards
Congratulations to: