This Week We Are Celebrating...
Week Ending: 23.10.2020
Congratulations to everyone - we are all proud of you!
Average Merit Scores
House House Captains  Merit Points
South  Josh Burgess and Holly Cameron  53
West  Isabelle Dow and Isla Duffy  60
East  Katy Wake and Danik Tame  77
North  Libby Hancock and Sebastian Bridge  62
School Value Awards
Courage Awards
Congratulations to:
Sycamore Class for having such a fantastic first half term and showing courage taking risks - well done Sycamore.
Bly A for setting a great example for peers by adapting quickly to his new class and learning. Well done Bly.
Albie A for being really brave when she got stung on the back of her neck by a wasp.
Friendship Awards
Congratulations to:
Beth A for always considering other people, caring for her friends and trying to be helpful when ever she can.  Keep being kind.
Toby Z for being kind and caring and always sharing and letting others join in.
Creativity Awards
Congratulations to:
Respect Awards
Congratulations to:
Special Learning Awards
Perseverance Award
Congratulations to:
Molly T for working so hard in maths this term and nailing all four methods and persevering with decimals.  You are a maths star, keep it going Molly.
Seren B for being resilient and persevering with tricky maths methods.  Your maths work has been exceptional and you have really nailed the long division.  Well done maths star!
Louis E, Alexandre B and Boyana K for writing a great newspaper.
Concentration Award
Congratulations to:
William G for staying focused in our writing sessions and independently producing fantastic learning.
Faustine B for exceptional concentration for the whole term and showing all the learning skills with enthusiasm and a big smile on her face.  You are such a pleasure to teach Faustine.
Teamwork Award
Congratulations to 
Curiosity Award
Congratulations to:
Reflection Award
Congratulations to:
Resourcefulness Award
Congratulations to:
Jack W for coming up with great plans for his learning and then gathering what he needs to carry it out.
Sound Out Words
Congratulations to:
Other Awards
Congratulations to: