We are very pleased to have a special link with Bukuya School, our partner school in Uganda.
This link exists through the Whitchurch Deanery, and involves each of the ten church schools being linked with one church school in the Mityana District in Uganda (west of Kampala). The links were established in 2006 and have developed over the subsequent years.
Over the last ten years or so there have been numerous developments of the link. We have been involved in many fund raising activities and have been able to provide substantial support to Bukuya School. There have been numerous opportunities for staff from our school to visit Bukuya School and occasionally welcome visitors from Uganda to the UK. More recently, the focus of the visits has been on helping the teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Uganda.
The link is not just about what we can for our friends in Uganda. Our children gain enormous benefit from the link too, learning about a very different culture, food and farming, social links and the value of giving and receiving.