Welcome to Cherry Class - Year R

Mrs Perry and Mrs Alexander are the teachers in this busy but friendly Reception class. Mrs Perry teaches all day Monday and Tuesday morning and on a Friday and Mrs Alexander teaches all day on a Wednesday and Thursday. We meet together for our planning time on Tuesday afternoons and Mrs Britton and Mrs Hill teach the class during this time. Mrs Hill and Mrs Britton are our regular class LSA's.
Our current topic for Summer 1 is 'Farming and Around the World' and this guides a lot of the learning we do. We will explore different regions of the world during this topic including the Rainforests, Deserts, Polar and possibly an Ocean themed week too if we have time. This will also link to our creative curriculum with lots of art and music to explore.
We learn all about where these places are on the globe and why they are different from our country. Our writing is focussed mostly on non-fiction and writing facts this term. We also learn about farming as this links in well to Spring and New Life. This year we are hoping to be able to hatch out some chicks in Cherry Class and we are so excited as we have also been given the go ahead to plan our visit to a local small holding. Here, the children will be able to pet and feed the animals and gain some 'hands on' experience of farming on a small scale, which includes going on an egg hunt, grooming a pony and pretending to drive the tractor. We have been visiting for many years now and it is one of the most popular trips we do, so we are thrilled that we will be able to make it happen again. 
We explore these themes during our Discovery Time with loads of great learning opportunities as well as more focused, teacher led activities. However, in Reception nothing is set in stone and we like to follow our children's interests, which can lead us into a lot of exciting learning opportunities. 
We like to make the most of our lovely setting here at St Martin's. We take regular Welly Walks up the lane opposite the school and find many things of interest to develop our understanding of the world there. We learn about insects and flowers and the beauty in our natural world. More recently we have also been invited to the farm behind our school and have loved meeting the cows, sheep and pigs there and last year we had the pleasure of seeing new born lambs. We also use the Nature Area on a regular basis to enhance our learning. We are very lucky to have great facilities at our school and we love to cook in Acorn room and make lots of delicious treats during the year.
We bring our topics to life by going on lots of regular trips with the class. The children really enjoy these opportunities and learn a great deal from them. The farm and castle trip are particular favourites of theirs and we are really pleased that we should be able to start these again! 
Parents are always encouraged and welcome to help us in our many class activities. We always value the support that is given to our children and as soon as it is safe to have you back, you will be most welcome. 
You can access an overview of what we are learning this term by clicking on the link underneath the pictures.