Collective Worship - Service

20th April 2020
As you know, worship is an important part of our day at St Martin's.  We normally come together as a school every Monday to share things that are important to us, give thanks and to learn from each other.  It is a really important part of how we all connect as a school.  Even though we are not in school as normal at the moment, we still feel worship is a really important way of keeping us all connected as a school.  Therefore please share today's worship, that is available in the curriculum section of this website, with your children.  Please encourage your children to join in with the worship in the way they usually would.  There are several moments where you may want to stop the recording in order to allow them to think about the issues raised or to discuss different thoughts and ideas.  
I'd like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Rennison for kindly singing along to the song I chose for the worship.  As many of you know, singing is not one of my strengths!  If I'm honest, I am uncomfortable enough being filmed leading the worship - I'm afraid singing was a step too far for me!  However I know that the children will find it easier to join in with the song, with Mrs Rennison also quietly singing the words, and was delighted when she kindly agreed to help with this bit of of my worship.
Also, as Willow Class know, I make at least three deliberate mistakes every day and their challenge when I am teaching them is to spot my mistakes.  There may be one or two deliberate mistakes in my worship - can the children (and the adults) spot them?