Hot and Cold

We are just finishing our topic on "Hot and Cold" by making the final touches to our "travel agencies" before we sell our holidays to customers from Sycamore on Friday (thank you Sycamore and Mrs Braidley for your support). We've used our ICT skills, together with English and maths, to produce holiday brochures about countries we wanted to investigate. Some of us have also looked at working -out flight times and calculating weekly costs from daily hotel rates.

Lots of hard work has gone into this as you can see below:
If you look carefully, you will see the rest of the classroom is empty. These boys gave up their lunchtime to do extra articles for the brochure!

We "sell" our holidays on Friday, when we will set up mini travel agency shops around the classroom. We would all like to thank Mrs Jacobs for generously supplying world maps, calculators and books to support us in this. We'll let you know shortly whether we manage to sell any holidays!