BBC Bitesize Summer Challenge 21

27th July 2021
Morning all! I saw this on Facebook and thought some of you might be interested - it's a BBC Bitesize summer challenge. They've got a different focus each week; science, or cooking, or creating etc. Link is below and you can download the checklist of ideas, which I've attached as a photo to show you, but would be better quality downloaded directly. There are resources on the website I think as well.
I hope it gives some of you some ideas! Mrs Rennison[0]=AT3Us_5PH17EHXRkWYLKJATD84WMP0wKtEd0LvO49jxwnt8UWIjICqwQ4wzPp9LzmpCgBmrFR066Uku4ESxbdXJEjPJJk86hClKaKXzoS986wuKgdQn38sbQefrYJlE3TbAFYSRFJ0rg73TwfYFCOFkBVIvI_zUmxlo2WP83S3pDkqsBSKuFQ86hAnoYKZiFCdo-eyzlc7QxLf3m_eh0Og