Staff films

27th May 2020
Hello everyone, we hope you are all having a lovely break this half term.
We just wanted some feedback from you about staff films. As you know, we won't be able to produce the same number of staff films per week that we have been doing, as most members of staff will be in school working with YR, Y1 and Y6, or working to cover the continuation of home learning etc. And despite how it looks, staff films do take a lot of time to make! However, we know from many comments on FB, and from emails to the class email addresses and to the headteacher email, that the staff films have mattered to you and your children.
Can you let us know if there is a sort of film that you like best; is it reading stories, or is it something that gives the children something to do? Or does it not matter - is it just the contact and the familiar faces that is valued, more than the content?
Thank you in advance for your feedback; it will help us to plan what films we can do, moving forwards.
Please send any feedback you have to
Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison