Mice family!

12th May 2020
Sorry - I posted this on 12th May on Facebook but forgot to add it to the website, so am doing so retrospectively!
I thought this might interest some of the children....

Mr Rennison and I have had a new family move into our garage... mice! We were aware of two as they jumped out of a box (we'd heard them in there!) and hid. I can't bear the idea of regular traps so we bought some humane ones where you can catch and release. Three days with the bait in them that the traps come with - nothing. We swapped the bait to peanut butter - and found THREE mice the next morning, all squidged into one box, cuddled up asleep together!
We put the box in a cardboard box and gingerly drove into the countryside to 'release them into the wild'. I took some photos and a couple of videos of them jumping out - Mr Rennison is the brave one opening the box (with gardening gloves on!)

The mice are very cute.... I hope they enjoy relocating to the countryside... Mrs Rennison