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30th March 2020

I just wanted to share a few ideas of useful home learning ideas that have been shared on our Facebook group.


Introducing... SCIENCE@HOME

New educational, inspirational and fun resources for families to enjoy together at home.
The team behind our explosive live science shows have been working tirelessly for the past week to pull together a mix of weekly challenges, fascinating facts, DIY science demos and more.
We'll share activities daily on Facebook but if you'd like to plan your week ahead, you'll find everything you need to complete our first weekly challenge Mission Space on our website:


Medical student inspired to write children’s book to explain coronavirus

A medicine student at the University of Exeter has created cute characters and a rhyming story to explain covid-19 to children. Annis Watts from Nottinghamshire was inspired by the the lack of clear, engaging material aimed at the three-to-six year-olds age group.The book, that's free to download, 'Piperpotamus learns about coronavirus' is a fun and informative book that breaks down the current UK lockdown in the midst of COVID-19 into an understandable and engaging story for children.Fourth year medical student at the University of Exeter Medical School, Annis was completing a medical humanities project to improve communication with young patients. Annis said: “Seeing on social media that people were struggling at home with their children once the UK lockdown began, I decided to create Piperpotamus as a story which could be downloaded for free to help parents explain the new coronavirus and the situation to their children.”

The story has already received enormous positive feedback from parents on social media after just one day of launching. Annis said: “If this book can just help a few parents reduce the anxiety and confusion with their children, that’s fantastic. I’m happy my project can be put to a positive use during this time.”


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