Night Walk

We launched our topic 'Seeing the Light' by going on a very exciting walk in the dark. The children came back to school in the evening - when it was growing dark - armed with their torches. We walked down the lane and stopped to listen to the noises and let our eyes adjust to the light. We looked for shadows and silhouettes. We then very excitedly returned to the school playground to be met with lanterns glowing and hot chocolates and marshmallows.
We looked at the moon and did a little star gazing. We all had a lovely time.
This is what some of the children said about this adventure ...

“It was good because we got to hear owls and I think we saw a reflection in the owls’ eyes”. Anabel.

“I heard the owl sing twit twoo”. Walter.

“When I sat down at the table I watched my marshmallows floating on the hot chocolate”. Herbie.

“The moon shone through the clouds”. Isla.

“The moon shone brightly and we saw the stars”. Seren.

“It was really fun because my daddy showed me the ‘sea of tranquility’ on the moon”. Olivia.