Our Topic is Communication

Members of our class have written a report on our latest topic, "Communication", to tell you about our learning.

Our Topic is "Communication"
By Nina Barnes, Daniel Fernandes and Annie Walsh

First we would like to tell you all about our topic, communication. Despite the horrible weather in Britain at the moment, we are still having lots of fun and funky lessons with our teacher this term especially geography where we can find out about new places! In addition to that, most of our lessons are to do with our topic.


English is a subject that every class does, and in English this term we are doing communication through non-chronological reports. In English next, after we have finished our non-chronological reports we are story telling, which the whole class enjoys.


In dance this term we are learning how dance communicates to us, and we are dancing to “Far from Over” by Frank Stallone. Before very long we had come up with nearly half the routine, and are still coming up with more! For any kind of PE, including dance, we wear a PE kit which is made up of different colours for a different house team. Our team names are based on the different compass points, North, blue, East, red, South, yellow, and West, green.
How Maps Communicate

In geography we investigated how maps communicate by putting roads on, and showing you, where things are in relation to you. They show you what the land is like. Also they show you main roads and where just normal roads are. They show you where bridges are, and where the roads are that go under them. We used a map to make predictions about what a small village in Mexico called "Tocuaro" might look like.


Maths is good and we are learning what the area of a 2d shape is. Our measurement that we measure it in is cm2. This sign cm2 means "square centimetres" because the squares are 1 centimetre width and length.


Did you know that art communicates information? This term we are learning how art communicates information by making diaries, which communicates feelings and ambitions as well. At the start of term we have been learning art techniques for drawing pictures for the local “Artex” exhibition which is coming up very soon!

Now you know all about our topic which is communication. You know all about how we try our hardest in dance, and our teamwork in maths, and how we explore different places like Lake Patzcuaro and Tocuaro in Mexico, not forgetting all of the effort we put into our English writing. We hope you enjoyed reading!