24th September 2020
We are really pleased to be able to say that not only did we have individual photos taken this morning by the photographer, but we also managed to do siblings-who-are-in-school photos as well!
We weren't sure we would be going ahead with this but, after much risk assessing and planning, we decided we could make it happen. Classes were done first, then each sibling group was collected in turn, with everyone washing their hands before leaving their bubble and on returning back to their bubble. The photographer cleaned down the step seat between bubbles and between every sibling group, and remained at 2m from the children at all times so, if your child doesn't quite look as perfect as usual, it's because the responsibility to titivate and help move knees/shoulders/hair into position fell to the class teachers, and Mrs Rennison, where necessary! And, as always, the children didn't blink an eye at the slight differences to our usual procedures, or having to wash their hands AGAIN. The photographer was impressed by all of them, and stressed to us several times that many schools have cancelled these photos, so we are so pleased to have been able to go ahead. Now we wait to see the outcomes...!
Mrs Rennison and Mrs Bartlett