Prayer Pebbles

15th June 2020
Would your child like their own set of St Martin's prayer pebbles?
Today there is an extra table out, alongside the outdoor library. It contains cupcake cases, each with a set of each of the three coloured prayer pebbles - green for please, purple for sorry and gold for thank you. We use these in school for private prayer; children take one from their class basket and put it into the basket in the hall when they arrive for worship, and it is just another way that we encourage children to talk to God.
Children can either take a set of pebbles on their way home, or even pop up to claim their own set, if they are not currently able to come to school.
We hope this is another way to continue the connection between school, home and St Martin's church, who originally purchased the pebbles for us to use in school.
We'd love to know who does take pebbles, so do let us know if you are happy to, either on here if you are happy with that, or you could email We would just like to know if we manage to reach many children in this way.
Thank you! Mrs Rennison