Reach For The Stars

This pop song was sung by a group called S Club 7 - well before your time (although some of your parents/carers might know it!). It's a happy, upbeat pop song that will have you humming the chorus at random times of the day, every day! I hope you enjoy learning it - I've taught this to several different school choirs and have found it to be really fun. Plus, it has a great message - be the best you can be - something that Mrs Bartlett and I definitely believe in.

Below you will find::
- a teaching video to help you learn the lyrics and the tune,
- a video that contains the audio track with words on the screen and me conducting - I will try to prompt the words so you can watch me conducting, not try to read the words all the time!
- a lyrics sheet for you to print if you want to, although all lyrics are on screen as well,
- an audio backing track - that means no singers on the track, only the music, so YOU can be the singer.

Good luck and have fun! :)