Uganda Day

We recently celebrated our link to Bukuya School in Uganda. Mr Shelton shared his photographs from a recent visit and we looked and learnt about the children who attend the school.
Our class focus for the day was on African clothing and fabric and after studying a lot of examples, we attempted to replicate some of the patterns using stencils and stampers.
We also looked at the ordinary 'everyday' clothes that people in Uganda might wear. We found that most of their clothing was very similar to ours.
We read a story about a girl who lived in the city but longed to live in an African tribe and we compared the colourful tribal clothes and jewellery that are worn in different parts of Africa to the clothes we had already seen. The children tried to recreate the patterned necklaces out of pens and paper plates.
We had a great day and the children really enjoyed learning more about a different culture and looking at how similar and different Uganda is to the UK.