Visit to Bukuya February 2015

Mr Shelton had the privilege of visiting Uganda for the third time in February 2015, building on the successful previous visits. The most amazing aspect of the visit was to celebrate the progress being made in the school. The new teacher accommodation is built, providing homes for three additional teachers so now nearly all the staff live on the school site keeping the school more secure. The new houses also have a large water tank to harvest the rainwater, so now the children rarely have to walk to fetch water for school use - an outstanding achievement.

The teachers are working hard to be successful with the children's learning, so that children can progress year by year and achieve the standard to get to Bukuya Secondary School next door to the Primary School.

The children are learning to care for crops through the more careful gardening skills they are taught, as well as how to look after animals too. The children all enjoy a daily meal at school - simple poshu for the younger children, but additional food for the older P7 children in their final year at Bukuya.

It was a privilege to work with the teachers, sharing some of the new resources which were taken out as gifts to help imporve the teaching. In particular, the teachers are eager to imporve their phonics teaching and we were able to help them with this.