Wednesday 21st March Evening Update Y5/6 Residential

21st March 2018
So we have survived another day. It was lovely and sunny - there was even a half hour during which I went outside without a coat.. think there is hope that spring might eventually arrive!
The children have completed another full day of activities, different for each group but including archery, high wires, canoeing and raft building. All the physical activities have worn everyone out today so we had a bit of downtime, playing outside, before dinner. mThen after dinner we enjoyed a campfire - turns out campfire songs are not what they were when I was a girl guide! We had lots of fun and Mrs James is proud that she lit our fire with a single match! After that it was Paddington 2 in the lounge with pjs, duvets and popcorn... if you know how long it takes to make just one pack of popcorn for one family, you will understand why next year I will suggest we purchase ready made popcorn...! All children went off straight to bed and pretty much straight to sleep and there’s not been a single peep from them - think we may have worn them out. And me!
Mrs Rennison