Welcome to Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class
Mrs Wellings is the class teacher for Maple. The children in Maple class include all our Year 4 children plus the younger Year 5 children.

"Maple Class is our children's introduction to "Upper School" life.  We have quite a hectic learning schedule, but we play hard too - especially on Fridays when we have Privilege Time.   The current class are really into the songs from Mamma Mia and  Bucks Fizz's "Making Your Mind Up" - so come along and watch us singing into our rulers and hairbrushes! 
Below are more details about the class written by current and former pupils:
Demonstrating God's love with an elastic band!

In common with the rest of the school, Maple has a team-spirited and caring ethos at its core. We work hard and enjoy our learning, with lots of practical activities. There are also our furry friends Walt, Wilf, Mr Cheese and Best Mate, who come and sit on the children’s tables whenever they see a really hard-worker.

Olivia Fortmuller and Cerys Durham have written about our class to tell you more about it.

Maple class has several displays that include a maths display with different maths operations and partitioning; an English display with adverbs, adjectives, powerful openers, exciting verbs and connectives; a spelling board with spelling rules and ways to learn spellings.


Maple class have lessons amongst which are English , maths and R.E . In English, Maple are learning to write non-chronological reports. Also in maths, Maple class are learning area and fractions, whilst in R.E Maple class are learning what Jesus’s messages mean to Christians.


Maple class use computers quite regularly, including maths programmes such as R.M maths, where you have a question and you have to answer it. Wishtrac enables pupils to practise their times tables and Sumdog is an internet site where there are games and you have to answer maths questions on it.

Every Autumn Term Maple Class gets dance lessons. We develop steps to different music genres. Maple Class enjoy it very much. We have been working very hard on our dance and eventually we will show it to our parents.

Maple class is a fun and calm class, which gets up to lots of things. We have the best teacher ever and a brand new classroom with fun lessons and fun activities going on all the time!