Welcome to Silver Birch Class

Welcome to Silver Birch

Our class teachers are Mrs Burke and Mrs Alexander. Mrs Dunk and Mrs Hopkinson are our LSAs. The children in Silver Birch include all the Year 1 children and the younger Year 2 children.

Mrs Burke and Mrs Alexander, the two Silver Birch class teachers, say:

"Welcome to Silver Birch Class. In this class of Year One and Two pupils Mrs Burke works on a Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Alexander works on Thursday and Friday. Our class is always busy and we enjoy doing lots of different activities through the week. 

Silver Birch Class is a friendly and caring class. We have our own jobs and we all enjoy earning merits and marbles for our class jar for trying hard and being really helpful. We have made our own Class Charter and always try to follow the rules we set ourselves. We love being chosen for 'Twig of the Day', a special privilege that follows a day of hard work and good play with others. Children who are spotted using Independent Learning Skills are chosen to take our class mascot, Sidney Sloth home for the week. 

We especially enjoy playing in our outdoor area and in our role play corner which changes with every new topic. We also love having visitors into class. Recently as part of our topic work we had our very own 'parent pilot' taking us all on a flight to South Africa and back again in the space of a morning! We feel very lucky to have so many helpful mums and dads and people from our community who support us at school. We often have parents coming to help with cooking, art and to hear readers.

No two days are the same in Silver Birch Class as there is always something new and exciting to learn and find out about. We have opportunities to explore things and learn with our friends. We are very creative and enjoy making things and sharing our ideas. We especially love Brave Days where we can spend time exploring a theme and trying out our own ideas. We all learn a great deal from these experiences.''