World War 2

Maple Class Goes To War!

We are now half way through our World War 2 topic which is proving to be a lot of fun as well as a great learning opportunity.

In English we wrote stories set during World War 2 - many of us were given Writer's Awards or a special Headmaster's sticker for our great work. It really helped to have air raid sirens, an Anderson shelter and our own gas masks in the classroom. We could imagine being children from this era and began to understand how they must have felt.

Our World War 2 topic forms part of lots of different lessons, here's some of the things we have done so far!


We made gas masks in DT and we take them into the class Anderson shelter each time the air raid siren goes off:
As we got used to the siren and the shelter, we took it less seriously.  We learnt that some children in the War felt the same way.
Science and Maths
We wanted to make some mini Anderson shelters of our own. They needed to be strong and waterproof. To help us select our building materials, we tested a range of card to see which type absorbed the least water. We learnt how to measure the water absorbed by practising measuring liquids and solving problems in our maths lessons. As you will see, not all of our testing went according to plan...

To make this a fair test, we decided to test each material in the water for the same amount of time.

We measured the liquid to make sure each material was soaked in the same volume of water.

Unfortunately, this piece of card kept floating so we had to hold it down with a ruler, then we had to do this for all the materials to keep everything "fair".
We decided to put our material directly into the measuring cylinder as this was nice and deep.  Unfortunately, getting the material out at the end of the test was not as easy as putting it in!
DT again

After all that testing, we were not surprised that we made strong Anderson shelters. Mrs Wellings said we had to make them as realistic as possible too. Do you think we did a good job?
More to Come

We are really looking forward to performing our "Fire Dance" which we have created in PE; it tells the story of an air raid at a factory. We hope to invite parents to see this before the end of term.

Currently we have just started to create our own World War 2 newspaper. There are plenty of people to interview as we have all experienced our own air raids and evacuation by now.