Y5/6 Residential - Monday 21st Oct - Evening Update

21st October 2019
Evening everyone,
My apologies for posting so late. I know you will all have been anxious this evening to hear how we have got on today. There is no WiFi here, which means it’s taken me a convoluted system of dodgy connecting hotspots to finally manage to get on to the schools website to get in touch with you all!
We've had a great day! We arrived safely and had lunch super early whilst Joe, our group leader, introduced himself, set some rules and then played some games with us. We then went on a site walk to familiarise ourselves with the place we will be spending the next few days. The children were very excited to see so many amazing activities! 

We then checked into our rooms. I know some of you were anxious about this aspect of the residential, but the children were all very happy with their ‘roomies’ and were excited to settle in and unpack (I use this term loosely- mostly that interprets as everything they own out on the floor...).
We then went off and spent time collecting firewood for tonight’s campfire, before enjoying our only formal activity of the day - Trapeze! The children, in their activity groups, all had a chance to climb a huge pole, whilst the other children belayed them, before jumping off the top. Not everyone managed this. But everyone had a go and we are all very proud of them for doing so. 

Dinner followed - sausages and potatoes or lasagne or vegetable tart, plus salad, soup, fruit, pudding etc. I kept a close eye and trust me - no one went hungry!

After dinner we had some quiet time in our rooms, before enjoying our campfire, where Joe kept us entertained with songs, stories and jokes - lots of fun.
When we returned, we had a biscuit to stave off the hunger till breakfast, then it was PJs and teeth etc before gathering in the hallway, if we wanted to, for a story with Mrs Rennison (about the worlds worst teachers!) before bed. All children were incredibly brave and grown up about going to bed. No one had to be persuaded into staying or even getting into going to bed - actually they were all worn out! Although we knew some children were anxious about staying over, we kept a close eye and reassured everyone that they could come and ask for help in the night if they needed to, and we had no tears at all. Amazing! And I mean every child- if you are a worried parent, please rest assured I’d have called you if there was any need. 

And so I’m off to bed too. I will start the process earlier on other nights - I won’t be awake this late tomorrow. I just thought you’d all be anxious. We’ve had a great day- so don’t worry!
Night night,
Mrs Rennison