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Our intent statement sets out our vision our children within this subject and what we aim for them to experience through the curriculum at St Martin's.  It links to our school vision and values.
Art is taught in line with the long term map.  Depending on the topic, this may be a weekly lesson, blocked units of work or a mixture of both. It is usually linked to the topic that is being taught that term with a focus on different mediums throughout the years to build on skills that have been previously taught. 
Please find below our:
Art Overview which identifies when each art unit of work is taught.
Art Skills Progression which identifies the skills taught to each specific year group.
Art Knowledge Progression which identifies the knowledge taught to each specific year group.
The pupils at St Martins' school, love Art, which is evident in the pupil conferencing. The children thought art was a great benefit to their well being and happiness and it helped them to feel calm and relaxed.
Most stated that they find sketching and doodling helps them to relax. They like experimenting with different mediums and state that art allows them to express their ideas. They like having choice in art and have preferred mediums, some they enjoy and some they find harder to use. One child stated, ‘there are never mistakes in art and everyone has their own style and different people like different things'.
The implementation of sketchbooks are a big hit and the children are proud of them and loved showing them off. They prefer the paper quality and the fact that it feels ‘special’. They also see the benefit on looking back through them as they can see improvements. They like to experiment in them and be freer. 
All the children agree that Art was very good for their well-being as it helps to ‘relax’ them. ‘Art helps if you are stressed’, ‘Art can take your mind off of things’, ‘I can get lost in art and I don’t realise where I am’. A couple of the children added that art can either make them feel really relaxed or it could be really stressful if it wasn’t going right!
All the children feel that Art has a special place in the curriculum and that if anything, they would like to do more of it!
Children attain well across the school in art (outcomes at the end 2022-2023)
  YR Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
AT  100%  100%  90%  93%  100%  66% 42%
GD  N/A 0%   10%  7%  0%  23% 57%