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Spirituality Day

We've had a lovely start to the week with a special Spirituality Day. Many of you will remember our Spirituality Launch Day, which was just before the first lockdown. However recent pupil conferencing showed that it needed a bit of a re-launch - the older children needed support to remember the different spiritual moments and our younger children didn't have a clue what it was all about, which is perfectly understandably as they were not part of the launch day.
Therefore, today our house captains led a special day for children in Year 1 - 6. It started this morning with a whole school worship, where the house captains explained what spirituality is and the four different spiritual moments that we think about (mirror moments about ourselves, door moments about other, window moments about the world and candle moment about beyond).
Lower school then worked in their houses to complete a session (led by the house captains) about each moment and develop their understanding of the different moments. As part of this they collected their own spirituality kit, which they should have bought home with them today. Upper school spent some time this afternoon reflecting on each moment and coming up with some examples.
We were incredibly proud of our House Captains (and stand in house captain as we had 1 house captain away today), who did an amazing job of leading our spirituality day. I know they were all nervous this morning, and some more so than others, but they showed huge courage and we were incredibly proud of them.