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Worship team - amazing!

It's heart-warming time again (no I didn't cry - I don't cry in front of children so don't worry!)
I just met the worship team to talk about what they might like to achieve over the next 8 weeks before the summer holidays. They had such a lot of good ideas, and all very focussed on prayer, spirituality, and thinking 'about God and stuff' (my phrase not theirs I'm sorry to say!) , but they also had wonderful ideas about wanting to share things with other local schools, or run competitions so everyone gets a chance to have their say, or ways to include everyone, or help charity.
I have just admitted to them that at the start of the week, I was feeling rather bogged down with my to do list and how rotten some of it is, but that today, they have warmed my heart. Which of course is what our children do here. Mrs Bartlett and I have just discussed how much we think they are amazing (well, most of the time...).
Mrs Rennison