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An Angel Just Like Me - Worship

Good morning all,
We just wanted to share with you some lovely conversations we had with the children in worship yesterday. Mrs Rennison led worship in lower school and I did the same in upper school. We both shared the story 'An Angel Just Like Me' by Mary Hoffman. If you do not know it, it is all about Tyler, a little boy who asks lots of questions at Christmas time including 'Why are all the angels white with pink and gold wings? and 'Why are there no angels that look like me; why are there no black angels?' It has been recommended this year by the diocese and many church schools have shared it in worships.
The story led to some very powerful discussions with both groups of children. The lower school children clearly explained that it didn't matter what you look like, what colour your skin is, what colour your hair is, where you are from, you are still special and important and it's who you are inside that matters. They also linked it to our value of respect and the importance of respecting everyone. Upper school went slightly further, as you would expect as they are older, and also discussed stereotypes and the reasons why angels are historically usually white, linked it to the people who originally created these images as well as the Black Lives Matter campaign and recent events in the news where statues of certain figures from history had been pulled down.
Both of us were really impressed with the discussions and the children's understanding and views about of the issues raised. It was lovely for us both to hear that our children value everyone as special and unique. It made our day!
Mrs Bartlett