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Pringles tubes please!

Can anyone help? The lower school teachers have just emailed lower school parents to ask for help with this, but I have a feeling the rest of you may be able to help too..
Lower school need pringles tubes, one per child, for their DT project coming up soon. Does anyone have any pringle tubes they can donate? The teachers have asked me to let you know that they'd selflessly take full pringles tubes as well as empty ones, and dispose of the contents on your behalf, if necessary... they are good like that! If you do have any, feel free to drop them at the front gate or send them with your child to drop off at either lower school classroom.
Thank you - especially if there are some selfless people who really make an effort to empty tubes for us - you're too kind! I have a feeling Mr Rennison will be happy to help with this....
Mrs Rennison :)