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Our intent statement sets out our vision our children within this subject and what we aim for them to experience through the curriculum at St Martin's.  It links to our school vision and values.
Maths is taught through a spiral curriculum which is in line with the Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression. Maths is taught daily in Years 1-6. Each area of Maths is covered across every long term using our Medium Term plans - this allows children to revisit and build on previous learning as they progress through each year group and develop new skills and knowledge. For EYFS, the mathematical Early Learning Goals taken from the Early Learning Framework are embedded within our EYFS provision.  
Please find below our:
Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression Y1-6 which identifies the knowledge and skills taught to each specific year group.
EYFS  Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression which identifies the Early Learning Goals and Development Matters recommendations that are used to support our provision for reception-aged children.
  • Children enjoy their Maths lessons, which is evident in subject manager pupil conferencing.
  • Maths has a positive impact on children's confidence and self-esteem.  Pupil conferencing shows that they understand the importance of having a go, especially when understanding new concepts, using practical resources and problem solving. Children are able to use their maths skills in real-life contexts and to support their engagement in the wider curriculum 
  • Maths has a positive impact on children's communication and collaborative working as they are able to share their understanding of vocabulary and skills as well as their knowledge of the wider world and its use of maths on a daily basis.
  • Children attain well across the school in Maths and outcomes at the end of each Key Stage are in line with county and national outcomes (and in some places significantly higher).