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Ambassador Roles

Over the last week or so our Year 6 children had the opportunity to apply to be ambassadors for the school this year. In order to apply they had to write an official letter explaining which ambassador role they were interested in and why and they were then all interviewed on Monday afternoon by Mrs Chorley (one of our co-chairs of Governors and me). Those children who applied should be incredibly proud of themselves. Both Mrs Chorley and I were impressed with the standard of their letters and they way they spoke during interview - they were all clearly passionate about the roles and really want to make a difference to our school. As you can imagine, the decisions were incredibly difficult but our ambassadors for this year are:
School Ambassadors - Izzy and Luca
Vice School Ambassadors - Isla and Alfie
Art Ambassadors - Floss and James
Sports Ambassadors - Zach and Florence M
Music Ambassadors - Danik and Rufus
I have just shared this information with the Year 6 children and again have been incredibly impressed. As is always the case in these situations, there were some disappointed children but they showed huge resilience congratulating their friends and in turn their friends showed understanding and support of their disappointment. We have also talked about the fact that there are lots of other opportunities for them to represent the school and make a difference.
Ambassador badges will be presented in celebration worship this week.