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Choir replies please - summer fayre

Hello choir parents,
Thank you to all who have replied about whether your child can sing at the summer fayre or not. I have 31 signed up - yeay! - but I still have about 12 no-replies. If you haven't replied, it would really help me to plan, if I know how many I have coming. The more the merrier of course! Could you please fill in the form (email the office if you need a new one) so that we know?
The bonus of course to bringing your child to sing with the choir, is that then you'll already be at the going-to-be-fabulous summer fayre event! You might even be able to help run a stall for a short time! Not that we are bending arms or anything..
Thank you - I look forward to receiving any additional forms. Wouldn't it be amazing if that 31 became 43? Fabulous!
Mrs Rennison