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Carols around the tree!

Good morning. Hopefully you'll all have seen from Mrs Bartlett's email last night, that we are still currently planning on going ahead with carols around the tree, out in the playground, tomorrow. Just to let you know:
  • the choir will be singing one of their favourites from our xmas repertoire, as well as leading us in 12 days of Christmas
  • you WILL be expected to sing - no hiding behind your mask! If there is no volume from the parents, be warned that Mrs Bartlett and I will do what we do with the children - glare at you and generally make gestures that say 'come on, sing up'!
  • there is an absolute expectation that you do ALL the actions in 12 days of xmas - or else your children will tell on you!
We can't wait. See you tomorrow, if you are able to make it. If you are not, we will be thinking of you.
Mrs Rennison