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Choir first rehearsal!

Woohoo - 53!
53 choir members at today's first rehearsal of the school year. That includes 20 brand new members! However, experience tells me that some children won't stick with it; choir isn't for everyone, there's a whole lot of singing (what a surprise) and there are words to learn, and lots of repetition. So, I'm going to estimate that once a few have dropped off, I'll hopefully have a core of about 40 - or maybe all 53 will stick with it!
I'm super proud of them - Mrs Hill and I were so impressed by the wonderful, beautiful sound they made.
And I probably owe those of you who are choir parents an apology. With performances at the Winchester Christmas Market an almost definite thing... we started Christmas songs today. So they are going to be singing them from now right through till December. I'm sorry. Enjoy! :)
Mrs Rennison