Welcome to our new website! If you are looking for a place for your child for September 2023, we'd love to show you around. Come and see everything we have to offer, including our brand new YR playground!

School Performance

We are incredibly proud of our school and the inclusive ethos which ensures that every child is truly known and valued as an individual. The nurturing environment and support that we provide for our children has been recognised in our most recent school inspections and is reflected in our end of year pupil outcomes.


OFSTED are responsible for inspecting all schools in England and Wales. Our most recent section 5 OFSTED inspection was in May 2014 and identified St Martin’s as a good school.  We received a one-day section 8 OFSTED inspection in March 2018, which confirmed that St Martin's continues to be a good school.


As a Church of England (Aided) School, we are also inspected under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) process. Our most recent SIAMS inspection was in July 2015 and identified St Martin’s as an outstanding school.

2022 Outcomes

Our children enjoy their time in school and therefore make good progress in their learning.  This is reflected by our end of Key Stage outcomes which are consistently high.