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Modern Foreign Language

Our intent statement sets out our vision our children within this subject and what we aim for them to experience through the curriculum at St Martin's.  It links to our school vision and values.
MFL is taught in line with the long term map.  It is taught on a weekly basis in Years 4 - 6.  At the moment, we teach French at St Martin's school.
Please find below our:
MFL Overview which identifies when each art unit of work is taught.
MFL Skills Progression which identifies the skills taught to each specific year group.
MFL Knowledge Progression which identifies the knowledge taught to each specific year group.
  • Children enjoy their MFL lessons, which is evident in subject manager pupil conferencing.
  • MFL has a positive impact on children confidence and self-esteem.  Pupil conferencing shows that they understand the importance of having a go, especially when speaking in French lessons and understand it is OK to make mistakes with pronunciation.
  • MFL has a positive impact on children's understanding of diversity and different cultures.  Pupil conferencing shows that they value learning how to speak French and understand that it would help them to make friends and communicate with others either here or when visiting other countries.
  • Children attain well across the school in MFL (outcomes at the end of 2022 - 2023):
  Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
 AT+  93%  95%  100%
GD+   6%  19%  33%