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Residential update Thursday night

‘Twas the last night of resi, and all round the corridor, not a child was stirring, not even a snore’!
It’s been a fab last evening. Wacky races was just that - wacky. Under spotlight in the car park, doing races acting sassy, or like you’ve won the lottery, etc. All children joined in brilliantly. We surprised them with a hot chocolate afterwards which went down well.
Then finishing packing, and bedtime cuddles. Lights out 9.15, and all children asleep by 9.30, which is a miracle!
I have to confess that after some checking, I discovered tonight that two children (who will remain nameless, but were both of the male gender) had actually managed not to shower all week. Needless to say they now have, but I’ve no idea how well….!
Packing is done - I can’t promise that they have only their own things but they have tried! I have talked with some children about the importance of taking all our own pants home… the conversations you have on residential.
I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good nights sleep for all. Night night! Mrs Rennison