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Residential update Monday 5pm - good day!

Y5/6 residential update: I've just touched base with Mrs Bartlett, who tells me that everything is going swimmingly. The children have all enjoyed aeroball (think netball on a trampoline) and orienteering this afternoon. They are shooting off quickly to have tea now. Mrs Bartlett will post some general photos later on this evening, assuming that the children all go to sleep at a decent hour...!
It might also amuse you to know that as a school, we are on first food shifts. For lunch and dinner, that's great; it means that the children go straight in to eat after the morning or the afternoon is over, then will get some time in their rooms before their evening activities. However, for breakfast, it's a different matter... breakfast is at 7am. Apparently they've already agreed to fall out of bed, throw some clothes on and go for breakfast - and worry about the washing etc afterwards! I don't think Mrs Bartlett is too impressed!
Hehe. Mrs Rennison :)
p.s. Just realised that's me on early breakfast duty on Thursday and Friday - oh no!!