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Lower School RE day!

I was privileged to just be invited to watch Lower School recreate the Easter story, as part of their RE day, in five parts; the last supper, the garden of Gethsemane, the trial, the crucifixion and the resurrection.
They acted out the story in five parts, with one group acting a part and the others watching, and with a multi-sensory aspect to this, e.g. holding an egg to signify new life when Jesus came back to life, or holding a prayer cross during the crucifixion.
The whole thing was a very age-appropriate way of explaining and understanding a very difficult concept. The children were so quiet and respectful of the story and listened and watched each other beautifully, even whilst one child acted out nailing Jesus to the cross!
My favourite quote mid-acting has to be 'well, that's the last of Jesus!' Mrs Rennison