Welcome to St Martin's CE (Aided) Primary School. If you would like to know more about our school or arrange a visit to come and see all we have to offer, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact the school office.

School Policies

Our school policies and procedures aim to offer clear guidelines to all stakeholders at St Martin’s CE (Aided) Primary School.

Policies are reviewed regularly in line with our policy review schedule or sooner if necessary and are then ratified by the Full Governing Body or Committee. 

All signed policies are kept in the School Office and can be viewed upon request. Our main school policies, including those that by law we must publish on our website, are available below.

General School Policies
Admissions Policy  2023 - 2024 and 2024 - 2025
Following a decision of the Schools Adjudicator (VAR2277 and VAR2283), our admission policies were revised on 14th February 2023, to give effect to that decision. Consequently, the wording for oversubscription criterion 2 has been revised, further information relating to permanent residency has been provided and wording regarding attending worship at a church has also been revised.
Safeguarding Policies
Health and Safety Policies
Inclusion Policies
Teaching and Learning Policies
Personnel and Finance Policies