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Please be aware that we are currently updating our curriculum pages - please come back soon for further information.
St Martin's School Curriculum
Our school curriculum aims to meet the needs of our children and support them in fulfilling our school vision.  It is constantly reviewed, adapted and updated to meet the needs of the children currently in school.
Curriculum Policy 
Our Curriculum Policy gives a clear overview of how our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our children.
Curriculum Model
Our Curriculum Model identifies how our curriculum is structured and who is responsible for each tier of the model.
Curriculum Framework
Our Curriculum Framework identifies everything that we believe is important for our children and how our curriculum reflects these values and beliefs.
Curriculum Overview
Our Curriculum Overview identifies the different topics that will be used to drive and inspire the children's learning.  Due to our mixed Year group classes, our school has a 3 year rolling curriculum.  This means that all children will cover all topics whilst at St Martin's but the year in which they do so may will differ.  All children receive the skills appropriate to their year group through the topic.
Subject Intent Statements
Our subject intent statements identify what we feel is most important for our children to gain from each subject..
Long Term Maps
Our Long Term Maps identify which parts of the National Curriculum will be taught through each topic.  They ensure complete coverage of the 2014 Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum.
Skills Progressions
Our skills progressions identify the key skills to be taught in each year group within each subject.
Curriculum Meeting for Parents and Carers
Please find below the information that was shared with parents and carers regarding our curriculum.