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Choir - new resources up!

Choir parents:
I promised (and failed) choir yesterday, that I'd put up resources for a couple of our songs, onto the choir section on the school website. I have now added them this morning - 'Hear the Bells' (our current favourite Christmas song!), 'Merry Christmas Everyone' (you'll definitely know this one!) and 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow' (a hymn-like song that we are learning to be able to sing at Eucharist in November). They will also find 'Sing' from before, and 'City on a Hill' both of which we are also doing.
Choir rehearsals are going so well - I now have 55 (result of no drop-off of numbers as I had expected, but a few new members over the last couple of weeks). The children are so focussed and sound so fab. I can't wait for them to be able to perform for you - watch this space for a plan for that soon!
Mrs Rennison