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Reminders for tomorrow

Just a couple of quick reminders for tomorrow:
Stay and Read - classroom doors will open at 8:30 tomorrow morning and you are welcome into school to share a book with your child. If you have children in more than one class, please feel free to split your time between the classes or find a communal area (e.g. the library, outside), where you can all enjoy a book together. Please make sure you have said goodbye to your children by 8:50am so that we can start our learning.
Second hand book sale - thank you to everyone who has sent books in for this. Children will have the opportunity to visit the sale during the afternoon and we will leave it out at the end of the day, should you want to have a look with your child or treat yourself (there is a small selection of adult books too!). Books are 20p a book and children can bring up to £1 into school with them tomorrow.