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Residential update - Tuesday bedtime

Another late post but I thought you would like to know that the children were all fast asleep by 9:15pm this evening and I'm hoping that I'll be the same within the next 10 minutes or so!
We enjoyed a tea of chicken and curly fries and then visited the shop. You can't imagine the excitement as they debated what to spend their money on - but all have chosen various things to bring home with them - and not nearly as many sweets as there were on the last residential. For those of you who don't know my rules, I explain to the children that it is their money and therefore their choice what the spend it on, but if I was them I'd choose things to take home to remember the residential by. The other rule is that if they buy sweets, they have to keep them for when they get home rather than eat them here - that way you get the joy of the sugar rush rather than me!
Our evening activity was campfire and we all enjoyed listening to stories and singing various songs. We got back to our rooms about 8:30 and after a quick nigh time drink, the children just crashed - they were so tired! I tried taking some photos of the campfire but it didn't quite work!
Mrs Bartlett