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Ink Cartridges raise £32.85!

This morning we've sorted through all the ink cartridges that have been donated by you all. We have to sort into ones that will raise money for our chosen charity (the Stewards of God's Earth group this year have chosen RSPB) and ones that won't raise any funds (due to their high frequency) but can still be recycled. I am pleased to say that we have raised £32.85 for the RSPB this go. Great news! Just FYI - the cartridges below are ones that have made money - some of them up to £1.75 per cartridge. Amazing! And a box full are going off to be recycled - whilst they don't make any money, they will not therefore go to landfill - another win for the environment. So please keep sending us your ink cartridges - they ARE making a difference! Mrs Rennison