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Residential update - Wednesday morning

Good morning all,
We've had another lovely breakfast - hash browns this morning rather than tomatoes which most of the children definitely preferred! I have to say all the children are eating well - even those that you warned us could be 'fussy' eaters!
The rain has arrived this morning - it's the first time when we've all needed a rain coat. I'm blaming Mrs Rennison for bringing it with her! However I've just checked the weather forecast and it's meant to clear up and be OK for the last couple of days - keep your fingers crossed for us.
The children are all in the middle of their first activity. They are either raft building (and based on their raft I think they are going to be even wetter than the rest of us by the end of the session), having a go at the challenge course (I've just talked one child over the top of the triangular structure - he was incredibly proud of himself when he actually managed it, despite initially freezing at the top) or attempting the climbing wall.
Mrs Bartlett