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Parent Mental Health Day

Morning! There's something Mrs Bartlett and I forgot to ask you.
A week or so ago, 27th Jan, was Parent Mental Health Day. Mrs Bartlett talked to upper school and I talked to lower school about this day, and all of you. I promise we didn't say you all had poor mental health! What we did, was discuss how parents and carers need to take time for themselves, and be looked after sometimes, too, and as groups we discussed the sorts of things that children could do for their parents/carers on parent mental health day. Examples were; make them a drink or snack, give them a hug, be good(!), tidy their rooms so parents/carers didn't have to nag, or even just ask if you were ok or if you'd had a good day.
I just wondered if anyone's children actually followed through on that - give us your examples please! I'm hoping there are some, or it means that the children didn't listen to us at all! Mrs Rennison