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Choir performances

I'm so excited about the summer fair and choir performing! I've just counted up numbers and with 5 children still to confirm, I am up to 40 performers already. Only 2 children are definitely not able to be there and I've also had a couple who weren't able to come, confirm that they now can. Such good news - the choir is at its best when the children have all their friends to sing alongside them. I can't wait.
The children may have told you how much we have rehearsed this week - a lot of Monday afternoon and lunchtime today - plus we then practiced performing by singing to the test of the school in worship today. I'm not going to lie, it's been a bit frantic and we are only just ready, but I think we are ready. I'm super proud of them. Let's hope they pull it all off on Saturday - especially my amazing soloists!
Mrs Rennison